7 Essential Tips You Will Need To Know During A Power Outage

7 Essential Tips You Will Need To Know During A Power Outage


In our present society, individuals usually take it for granted that electricity to their homes will always be readily available to run their refrigerators, televisions, and a/ units.  That is until the moment comes that the lights have actually gone out.  Most of our society is not prepared to deal with a long term power outage and need to become much more knowledgeable about the exposure.  Make your strategies today to plan for an eventual blackout that could possibly last for more than several days.

Tip 1 – Develop a Strategy

There are alternative sources of power that could supplement or perhaps replace the power obtained from local power companies, however these are long term methods that most individuals do not prepare for.  Wind, Solar and other various innovations are becoming much more conventional as new product enter the market to fulfill the needs of customers.   A long-term strategy to supply your home of free energy is an essential aspect of self-sustaining power independence.

Tip 2 – Create a Blackout Kit

Blackouts could create extensive chaos, disorder, and panic.  If you and your family are not prepared for the worst case scenarios it could result in catastrophic results.  Having a blackout emergency kit is a sensible method to be prepared if an emergency scenario takes place.  Crucial items for your kit should consist of food, water, communication, light, and heat/warmth generation.

Tip 3 – Alternatives to Standard Batteries

D Cell batteries are not an alternative for long-term power generation for radios or flashlights.  Obviously, they are good in a pinch for short term usage, but long-term blackouts require a long lasting source of power for your portable devices.  As panic sets in, a rush on the neighborhood stores for batteries and other products will certainly be noticeable.  Do not get caught in the herd by having prepared yourself with devices that use kinetic energy for light or communication.

Tip 4 – Purchase a Power Inverter

A power inverter may also be something that you could certainly add to your blackout kit.  This small portable device will take a normal DC battery from a car or boat and convert it easily into an AC current adequate enough to run devices in your home like a microwave or other various appliances.  I could be indispensable to supply the small electrical power needed to run your well water pump or oil boiler.

Tip 5 – Create an Emergency Storage Space

Set aside a place in your home or garage to keep the essential survival items.

Having an area like this to store all your needs will certainly make any emergency a lot easier to deal with.  Last thing you want to do is attempt to find all your items when an actual disaster strikes.  All inventory of items needed like blankets, batteries, and can goods should be kept in a specific area that is easy to remember and access.

Tip 6 – Stock up on necessary Items

Storing the appropriate food for making it through a blackout should be part of your strategy.  Can goods should be the obvious option to keep in our designated survival storage room.  However, storing grains like rice or cornmeal in plastic 5 gallon containers might be something you should consider as well.

These grains should certainly be part of your meal preparation during a power outage.  Do not forget to keep a manual can opener in your survival storage room.  Dried lentils and beans are other staples to have on hand.  They can be quickly soaked in water and added to a variety of different dishes.

Access to drinking water is vital when current systems are down.  Bottle water needs to be one of the most important items you will keep in your survival inventory.  If your water supply is affected, you want to make sure certain safe water is available for cooking and drinking.

Do not squander your drinking water for flushing the toilets.  If they do not function during an outage, you can utilize rain water as a source of water for your tanks.  This will only be an option for the spring and summer months, so it is important you keep this in mind.  Freezing temperatures during the winter months will not allow this to be a useful strategy.

Tip 7 – Plan to cook your food without electricity

One additional thing to consider when thinking about meal preparation; how will you cook when the stove or oven are inoperable?

The answer is your gas or charcoal grill. These are great alternatives that can be used as a backup oven and stove when needed. Even though most people have a grill for backyard functions, most people have at least one when needed. Your gas or charcoal grill can even act as a temporary oven for baking breads and other meals during the outage. Having spare propane or charcoal on hand is essential in being able to cook your food during this period.

To conclude, it is very important to make sure you have plans to ride out a blackout or a long-term power failure.  Adopting on some or all of these tips will help you make the best of a bad situation when SHTF.

Planning is essential for keeping your family safe and risk-free when the power goes out.




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