A Genius Way To Make Fire In The Wild

Make Fire

Survival Hack: Make Fire With Chips

You can make fire using almost anything, however when you’re in the wild and do not have a great deal of fire making supplies, you need to find anything that will help you and chips make an excellent fire starting product.

Naturally almost any kind of chip will do but you’ll still need a match or something to spark your fire, but our top two options are Cheetos or Fritos. Chips work well due to the fact that they have hydrocarbons which have a tendency to burn longer. Simply put, chips are oily making them fire friendly and very easy to.

You’re not going to to replace a box of matches with a bag of Cheetos and Fritos, however you can help bring an initial flame to them if needed.

Do you know of other creative ways to start a fire?  Comment below and let us know.