Best 7 Unthinkable Survival Uses For Pantyhose

When you go hunting, pantyhose can really be essential for you. You can utilize it during the summer months or winter months. You specifically want to consider using them throughout the summer.

The advantages of using pantyhose during the summer is to prevent ticks from biting you, they will help you absorb perspiration, and won’t be as bulky. In the wintertime you could wear pantyhose as a base layer to help keep you warm and comfortable. You know quite well that the key to warmth during the winter months is layering up.

Believe it or not, pantyhose contain additional one-of-a-kind uses. Below I am going to list additional uses for pantyhose.

1. You can use them as a dust mask.
2. They can be used as bait nets.
3. Filter debre from water.
4. Dry food like peppers, onion, or herbs.
5. Store items or tie items together.
6. Strain food
7. Deer Repellent (place human hair or dog fur in the pantyhose, tie bag on fence, replace every 4-5 days).

Go pick up an affordable pair of pantyhose and store them in your car for your next hunting trip.