5 Best Backpacking Water Filters For Preppers

The best backpacking water filters will help make sure that you have a safe outdoor adventure and also protect you from parasites, bacteria as well as viruses. Most survival experts will tell you to never ever drink untreated water no matter where it is...
Everyday Carry Pouch

Choosing The Best Everyday Carry Pouch

Choosing the best EDC pouch to contain your every day carry items is an important part optimizing your day-to-day preparedness. There are many brands, styles, features, and sizes of bags out there, and in this...
Match Feather Stick

How To Make A Match Feather Stick

If you've researched survival or bushcraft long, the possibilities are you have probably come across "feather sticks." Right before the sliver is shaved off, stop and start another sliver from the top. After a...
7 Essential Tips You Will Need To Know During A Power Outage

7 Essential Tips You Will Need To Know During A Power Outage

  In our present society, individuals usually take it for granted that electricity to their homes will always be readily available to run their refrigerators, televisions, and a/ units.  That is until the moment comes...

Survival Hacks


How To Choose The Right Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad

Choosing the right camping sleeping pad can be a huge task for many people.  But once you decide on the…

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