How To Make A Match Feather Stick

Match Feather Stick
If you've researched survival or bushcraft long, the possibilities are you have probably come across "feather sticks." Right before the sliver is shaved off, stop and start another sliver from the top. After a few minutes of work, you'll have a stick covered in...

How To Make A .223 Survival Whistle Out Of A Bullet Casing

Because yelling will make you lose your voice, it’s important to carry a whistle just incase you get in a jam. For example: When I went mountain biking with a group of friends I...
shopping bag rope

Shopping Bag Rope

Usable rope can be bent, turned, as well as woven from virtually any type of thin, fibrous material, including plastic shopping bags, ribbons, hair and plant fibers. As a matter of fact, the Incans...
3 Bow-Drill Bearing-Block Survival Hack

Survival Hack I 3 Bow-Drill Bearing-Block

There are several elements to think about when building and effectively using a bow-drill friction fire set. From the readily available wood types to the cordage resources, there are several variables that you should...


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