How Do I start Prepping I What You Need To Know


How To Start Prepping   How Do I start Prepping 

I envision a lot of individuals resemble me when it comes to exactly how you were introduced to the topic of prepping.  At first I wasn’t certain just what I was searching for, but it started for me with a sense of curiosity.  It wasn’t like I was experiencing anxiety or anything like that, but I kept getting disappointed with all the turmoil and government issues/corruption.  I felt that I really needed to prepare myself.  At the time I didn’t know for what or how, but I would ultimately figure out how to start prepping.  How Do I start Prepping 

When I initially began prepping I didn’t really understand what exactly I was expected to do or just what prepping was, only that I felt a need to protect my family and myself.  This was a thought constantly on my mind; like the kind you could get when it’s constantly what you are thinking of.  Usually when this happens to me I need to take immediate action or the thoughts will linger on my mind and never vanish.

When I first started I began to research end of America scenarios because I imaging that was what prepping meant.  That I would have to know how to be self-sufficient in some truly enforceable times.  Then after some time I realized that prepping for me meant being prepared for potential problems.  After I finally realized what prepping meant to me I went shopping for protection.  For me that meant having a reliable gun to protect myself and my family from anyone who would try and cause us harm.   How Do I start Prepping 

In my mind there was uncertainty about the future and the only thing that made any sense for me was to get ready for the worst.  It never actually occurred to me that I was blowing anything out of proportion or that I should simply sit on my 401K up until things improved because I understood that at some point hard times were coming.  My energy and purpose even though my family thought I had lost it.  I listened to a lot of professionals tell me what I needed to concentrate on.  I spent my days reading books, surfing YouTube, and even listening to podcasts.  Somehow It still felt like I wasn’t going in the direction necessary.  I needed to take action but had no idea where the heck to start.

What Every Beginner Prepper Needs To Know

There are a million things you could research when it comes down to prepping, but it really all comes down to your objective.  What circumstances do you need to prep for in your life to keep yourself alive.  You want to prepare for scenarios that are likely to happen to you in your life.  Spend your resources and learn the skills that will most likely help you achieve this.  Prepare with those resources, buy the gear, and build the right partnerships that will allow you to ride through adverse events if possible.  Trying to survive isn’t a crazy idea but rather having a plan and being prepared will significantly improve your chances of survival.

Begin by thinking about events that could affect you

At first I spent most of my time focused on a great deal of things that could possible go wrong for me or my family.  So many catastrophic events came to mind like hurricanes, sinkholes, mudslides, terrorism, EMP, or an economic collapse.  I realized this was too broad of a mindset and I needed to zero in on 1 or 2 scenarios that were more likely to happen.   How Do I start Prepping 

The Best Ways To Begin Prepping

Recognize exactly what is required for survival

Every human in the world needs the the same standard things to live. You need water, food, shelter and security. Can you live without water? You can definitely live without water but not for very long.  The same can apply to shelter, it really depends where you live but nonetheless you need shelter.  Food is possibly the one thing you could live without the longest, but the lack of constant nutrition will inevitably hinder your health and make it really hard for you to successfully resolve any issues that might arise.   While you may have all these points covered, you never know how other people are going to react.  If they did not prepare, they might see you as a target and try to take your possessions to fill their needs.   How Do I start Prepping 

These are the basic survival items you will need regardless of the catastrophic event you will be involved in.  If any of the above-mentioned events happen you can sure as heck plan to have some disruptions happen in your life.  These events could be minor or they could last for years.  You can use these points to evaluate your preparedness level by how long you could survive if you needed to rely on yourself.  If you had to defend yourself or feed yourself and family, how long do you think you could last?

Determine areas where you should be preparing

Its easy to assume that at first your main focus should be what you and your family are going to need.  You can start as small as a one week supply of food, water, electricity, and protection.  Once you have enough prepped for a week then you can gradually increase your reserves as you go along.  There is no need to try and do it all at once.   How Do I start Prepping 

Food and water should be the easiest to figure out.  Think about how many meals you consume daily or how much water you drink.  Then make sure to set enough aside for 7 days for you and those family members who will probably ride it out with you.  Shelter and protection are two separate categories all depending on your geography and your beliefs in weapons.

Start obtaining supplies, load up on gear, and learn valuable skills

You already have a basic list of the things you will need to take into consideration for basic survival for 7 days.  The cost of this will vary based on how much of this you currently have at home.  Have you saved any water or food?  How about containers to store these items?  All things you need to take into consideration.  Make sure your primary focus is taking care of food and water.  This is the most basic and simplest thing to do.  Once you have secured these two and have saved enough for a week identify other areas of need you could stock up on.  Some other things you should consider are first-aid, protection, and fuel.   How Do I start Prepping 

Reassess and change as needed

If you have complied with the strategy I’ve just mentioned then you should have your basic essentials for at least a week.  This is a great place to start and I assure you that 99% of the population have not prepared for a measly week.  Keep going until you have prepared to live for one year without access to food, water, gas, or police protection.  Understand that prepping needs to become a lifestyle and gradually obtaining resources is the best method to prepare.  You should constantly be looking ahead to see what you will need and how you can move towards your goals.  Just remember the more resources you have the more security you will have.