How To Eat Insects In A Survival Situation

Did you know that the majority of insects are edible? As a matter of fact, lots of people worldwide eat insects. The issue with insects is that you need to eat a great deal of them to make any kind of caloric difference. Nevertheless, if you stumble upon an ant hill, below’s hack could get you those calories you need when faced with a difficult situation.
Ants natural impulse is to protect their larvae from sunlight and also the open air.
They want to cover them as quick as possible. First lay a tarp on the ground beside an ant pile and fold over one corner to create a protected area. Next, shovel the ants and larvae from the ant pile on top of the tarp near the folded corner. The ants will carry the exposed larvae to the corner of the tarp the edge or corner is folded over to provide shelter to the larvae. Let the ants work for a few minutes, and then after taht scoop the larvae out by the handful. Once you’ve gathered your larvae you must make sure that you are going to cook them before consuming them. The last thing you would want to do is eat larvae with bacteria or parasites.

Can you imagine yourself eating insects in a survival situation? Have you eaten insects before? Let us know in the comments below!