How To Make A Backpacking Stove Out Of A Tuna Can

How To Make A Backpacking Stove Out Of A Tuna Can

Imagine cooking or having the ability to boil water using only a tiny, one-burner backpacking stove. Today we are going to show you an amazing survival hack to not only be able to warm your food but also make something hot to drink.

What you’ll need:

A can of tuna packed in oil
cardboard or paper napkins

Get rid of the tuna lid and fill up the can with napkins or cardboard so they fit over the can opening with minimal overlap except for the four corners.

The Lost Ways

Drown the cardboard or paper under the oil. A bit of cardboard or paper should be showing around the entire can for an effective burn.

Once it is saturated in oil you can go ahead and utilize stormproof matches to light up your backpacking stove.

The cardboard or paper should burn for a remarkably long period of time creating a stove like effect.

With this warmth you can heat up your food or even make a cup of hot tea in the process.

Just make sure you set up your backpacking stove on a fire proof surface with suport on each side to be able to position a mug or cup.

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