How To Make A Lantern From A Soda Can

soda can lantern

The functionality of a modern-day lantern is extremely challenging to duplicate using makeshift supplies. However, you’d certainly be amazed at just how much you could light up a tiny small space with just a candle and a soda can. Very carefully make 3 cuts in the can utilizing your pocketknife as in the image above. After that fold open the “wings” and place a candle inside. The shiny interior surface of the aluminum can reflect and projects the candlelight, producing a lantern effect in a dark space or area. Soda can lantern

This could be utilized to not only navigate a dark building or route but also to brighten up a food prep area. If you’re traveling, hold the lantern by the base where the metal does not get hot or suspend with a handle form the convenient pop-top bail.

Have you tried this survival hack before?  Lets us know in the comments if you’ve had success doing this.