How To Make A Match Feather Stick

Match Feather Stick

If you’ve researched survival or bushcraft long, the possibilities are you have probably come across “feather sticks.” Right before the sliver is shaved off, stop and start another sliver from the top. After a few minutes of work, you’ll have a stick covered in feather-like wood shavings. These shavings will catch fire quicker and easier than your typical large solid stick. As a result feather sticks are an exceptional fire-starting hack. However, this idea could likewise be applied to wooden matches. In incredibly challenging conditions when you might need extra assistance starting a fire, use your knife to shave small wooden slivers just above the match head, creating a mini feather stick. When the match it will quickly catch these shavings on fire, which will create more powerful and bigger flame.

Check out the video below to see how easy you can make your own match feather stick.

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