How To Make A Solar Water Blanket

How to make a solar water blanket

You’ve most likely heard as well as seen purification in action.  It’s basically modifying water’s temperature to detoxify it of pollutants.  You rely upon the different boiling factors of water and other compounds in the liquid in order to help divide the former from the various other materials that are blended in.

Weird Little Trick: Filter the Dirtiest Water…

Water vaporizes from plant and tree leaves through a process called transpiration.  It’s very much like sweat for humans.  This procedure is increased when a plant or leaf is covered in clear plastic sheeting in full sun.  An easy method to collect transpired plant water is to lay a sheet of clear plastic on a grass patch as it if were a blanket.  There must be full sunlight or the process does not function.

After a few hours the underside of the plastic will be covered in little beads of drinkable water.  Grab a T shirt or bandanna and carefully turn over the plastic sheet and collect the water.  Wring it directly right into your mouth or a container for travel.

While this technique could work effectively if you have a moist opening, you are utilizing some vegetation, etc. it usually does not generate very much water at all. This hack is only recommended as a last resort if you have no other means of collecting water.

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