How To Make A Tarp Boat: 5 Easy Steps

How To Make A Tarp Boat: 5 Easy Steps

A tarp boat is a great way to practice your survival skills and see if you have what it takes to prepare during unexpected circumstances. In this hack we will teach you how to easily make your own tarp boat without having any specific skills. All you will really need is wood, a saw, a hammer, and of course your tarp.  Below we will share these 5 easy steps you could use to make a tarp boat.

Step 1: Define the Shape and Size

In step 1 you will determine the dimensions of your tarp boat. You should consider how many people you would like to ride with you as well as the size. We recommend it big enough for you to generate some power and be able to paddle. Going for a 16 ft long, 2 ft deep, and 4 ft wide seems to be a good size.

Step 2: Build the Frame

Use your saw to get the right dimensions of your tarp boat and then use the nails and hammer to put the pieces together.

Step 3: Sandind

Make sure you sand down your boat. You should spend your time sanding down the sharp parts of the frame which could punctures your tarp and wreck chaos.

Step 4: Apply the Tarp

Place your tarp on the frame and pin it down. Getting creative and adding additional protection for safety wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Step 5: Test your new toy

Put your tarp boat in the water and test it out.  Would you like to read how the experts build their own tarp boat?  Scroll down and you can read how Creek Stewart built his improvised tarp boat.

Survival expert Creek Stewart has his own blog post on how to make a tarp boat as well.  Below we will share his method.  If you would like to see his original blog post you can do so here.

Step 1: Lay your tarp flat on the ground.  This is a 9’x12′ tarp.

Step 1 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Step 2: Pile pine boughs or leafy branches in a circle about 12″ tall.  This will be the diameter of your boat.  Leave at least 1′-2′ of tarp around the perimeter.

Step 2 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Step 3: Lay a gridwork of sturdy sticks (1″-2″ in diameter) on top of the circle.

Step 3 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Step 4: Pile another 12″ of green boughs on top, again in a circular pattern.

Step 4 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Step 5: Wrap the tarp around the circle and tie it to the gridwork of sticks.

Step 5 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Step 6: Cross your fingers.

Step 6 Creek Stewart Improvised Tarp Boat

Have you made your own tarp boat before?  We’d love for you to comment below with your experience.