How To Select The Best Portable Gas Grill

portable gas grill

If you are like me, when going outdoor camping or your days have plenty of activities.
After a day out trekking the wilderness or hunting, you are ready to eat anything in sight. A portable gas grill will certainly help you make meals that will satisfy your taste buds without taking too much time to prepare. We have done the research for you and have selected our top choices for the best portable grill available. This short article will help you focus on efficiency as well as attributes you will need from your portable gas grill.

What Is The Best Portable Gas Grill For You

Selecting a grill will require you to evaluate durability against weight as well as cost; as an example those made with cast iron will weigh around 40 pounds and are generally a lot more costly, while those constructed from less durable materials will certainly weigh closer to 20 pounds and can be bought for much less. We consider a grill portable if it weighs less than 50 pounds and is fairly simple to transport by one person. There are two kinds of portable gas grills: portable propane gas and charcoal. As soon as you have a good idea of exactly what you are searching for, you will be well-positioned to evaluate the choices offered to you.

What Features to Look For

There are a variety of features offered in portable gas grills, which we will certainly review below. What attributes you will want to look for will certainly depend on upon just how you will |make use of the grill; ones to think about (among others) consist of temperature control, number of burners, attached shelves as well as simplicity and ease of setting up.


The very first point to consider when purchasing a portable gas grill is just how much weight you are willing to carry or push/pull around. The last thing you want is to leave your grill at home on your expeditions because of the tact it is to heavy or difficult for you to bring around. The brands we examined range in weight from 15 to 57 pounds. Know your limitations and buy something that will be very easy for you to maneuver. There are two types of portable grills; tabletop models and cart style designs that have two wheels. Tabletop items can be light-weight or heavy, and the cart design products usually run from 40 to 60 pounds.

Temperature Control

It is fairly common for an easy-to-transport grill to have just one temperature control as a result of its size. If there are two burners, it will certainly be more suitable that there be two temperature controls, so that you can cook at two different temperature levels, adjusting as necessary.

Surface Food Preparation Area

The surface area of your grill is the space that will be available for cooking; grills that have the ability to easily and conveniently be transported will generally have anywhere from 210-285 square inches of cooking area. If you intend on cooking frequently for four, concentrate on grills with 275-285 square inches of surface area.  That extra space will be sufficient to grill roughly 7-8 hamburgers or to prepare food like bacon as well as eggs for your family and friends.

Cooking Performance

Consider your diet regimen, food selections, and also cooking style. For simplistic foods like burgers and hot-dogs, any kind of grill will be enough. For more advanced or sophisticated barbecuing, you will want a more advanced grill. We will break down the cooking performance analysis right int a couple of different points. Consider maximum output, temperature control, and also wind resistance.

Quality Of Construction

What materials your grill is constructed from, as well as how exactly well it is built is essential when considering its longevity. When searching for a portable gas grill to accompany on your outdoor adventures, light-weight materials will most certainly be used to keep the weight down, however this may imply that the grill is much less stable in its construction.

The stability of the grill is crucial when it pertains to safety and security, so you will want to be sure that you feel that the grill and stand are stable and secure.
Generally speaking, grills that are welded will most certainly be much more stable in comparison to those assembled with nuts and bolts.   Materials like cast aluminum, cast iron, enameled steel as well as stainless-steel are best when thinking about the durability of your portable grill.

What Type of Burners Do I Need?

Search for burners constructed out of stainless-steel or brass, because aluminum will wear out and cast iron will at some point rust. Stainless with an 18-8 rating, or 304 grade, is the very best and most effective for corrosion resistance.

To safeguard burners from dripping grease, the majority of propane grills have a metal deflector between the grate and the burners. This will help generate extra heat, reducing the number of “hot spots” on the grate.

BTU Output

While BTU output starts the conversation on how much power and heat a grill puts out, it isn’t really the entire story. BTUs (British thermal units) are a measurement of the amount of power needed to heat up a pound of water by a single degree Fahrenheit. There are other aspects that also factor into the power output of a grill, like size, dimension, and also materials of the grilling surface. Take into consideration just what you like to cook prior to being swayed into a hig BTU output grill. For straightforward meals like hamburgers, hot dogs, or kabobs you likely don’t require a lot of BTU’s.

Ease of Transportation

Just how “mobile” a grill really is will depend on exactly how heavy it is, as well as its size. When camping you should usually be self sufficient and carry the least amount of items necessary. The same applies to a grill. You should select something that is easy to transport and does not occupy a lot of room.


Many portable gas grills will not include any accessories, so factor that into your budget when deciding what kind of portable gas grill you will purchase.
You might consider purchasing BBQ utensils and a stand to go with your brand new grill.

Final thoughts

Picking the very best portable grill for you objective will be very challenging to determine. We really hope that our detailed post will help make buying a portable gas grill easier for you. By figuring out how and where you will be using your portable grill, you will have most of your questions answered making it easy to decide.

There you have it – our process to selecting the best portable gas grills to take with you anywhere. Does this post make the selection process easier? Let us know in the comments below!