How To Tell Time With Your Fingers


Calculating Time With Your Fingers

When you’re out in nature, knowing how to tell time with your fingers can be an important survival skill. Whether you’ve lost your watch or just want to figure out what time it is, you can use your hands to measure the distance between the horizon and the sun, and estimate how much time is left until sunset. Each hand-width measurement between the horizon and the sun is equal to an hour.  While each finger-width measurement is equal to an additional fifteen minutes.

Its important you understand how to tell time with your fingers and practice this hack with a clear view. Do not use this method if your view is blocked by trees or other items in the landscape. Just take a few minutes to walk to higher ground and you’ll find a much better opportunity to use this hack. It is also imperative you know how much time you will need to return to camp. Many campers or survivalists underestimate the length of time it will take them to get back and usually end up rushing around when there is minimal light out.

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