Survival Hack I How To Make A Pulley From A Bottlecap

Survival Hack Bottle Cap Pulley

Bottle Cap Pulley Survival Hack

Water bottles can be found just about anywhere today.  It should also be something you carry plenty of with you or in your bug out bag.  This survival hack will teach you how to fuse 2 bottle caps together to make a pulley you can use with paracord rope.

Start by taking two bottle caps of equal size and heat the flat tops until they can be fused together.  Placing them upside down on a hot rock for a few minutes should be plenty of time for you to achieve this.  Press the two bottle caps together and let them cool for a few minutes.  The top edge of each bottle cap is slightly rounded, which creates an indented seam around the middle of the fused caps.  This will act as your pulley channel.  Drill or carve a hole through the middle of the caps to insert an axle, climbing carabiner, or rope loop.  Once you complete this step you will have a functional gear pulley.  Use the pulley to hoist large game or to send a 5-gallon bucket into a well or over a cliff for water.  You could also use this pulley to create cooking cranes.

Have you tried making a pulley out of a bottle cap before?  Let us know in the comment section how it turned out.