How To Make Improvised Survival MukLuk Boots

How to make the best all around survival boot

A mukluk is a soft boot, historically made of reindeer (caribou) skin or sealskin, and worn by Artic aboriginal people, including the Inuit.

Why would you need a mukluk? If you were outdoors in the cold weather and would need extra protection for your feet a mukluk could very well be the best option. Mukluks allow your feet to breathe through thick levels of insulation while helping make it very quiet when you travel. This is an extreme advantage where perspiration may become a factor in frostbite on one’s feet.

Here is an easy way to create a mukluk with a newspaper. Lay 20-30 sheets of newspaper flat on the floor with a corner facing forward. Place your foot in the center with your toes pointing toward the outside corner and after that fold each of the 4 corners in on top and across your foot. Tape or lash this layer into place. Next, fold a towel in half, place it on the floor, and wrap it around the foot in the precise same fashion using rope or tape. A final layer of tarp, scrap jacket material, or canvas can be layered on the outside for added weather protection. If needed, add more layers of newspaper for more insulation.

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