The 5 Best Survival Knives On The Market

The 5 Best Survival Knives On The Market

The dispute on which are the very best survival knives are both continuous and extremely heated. When looking for the very best survival knives there are several options out there that it’s overwhelming. I have looked long and also hard, checked out hundreds of testimonials and also evaluated survival blades over as well as over and also have actually generated my elite checklist of the best 5 survival knives on the market. Why 5? The fact is just as each blade various, everyone differs and what survival knife is the best for you may not be the most effective for another person. By the end of this review you will have a concept on which survival knives will best suit you.

The 3 Most Important Things To Look For In A Survival Knife:

Before we look at the leading 5 it is very important you understand how I selected them. Survival Knives are not your basic knives and must be made to endure whatever you can toss at them without the idea of breaking or failing, lets admit it, survival blades are produced to deal with a possibility of a life or death situation. Here are the leading 3 points all survival knives MUST have.

  1. Fixed Blade – With current technological advancements, folding knives have come a lengthy means, yet in the end they will certainly NEVER be as strong or long lasting as a tried and true fixed blade. Fixed blade survival knives have a complete full tang that extends right to the butt of the handle.
  2. Excellent Steel – This might quite possibly be one of the most important features to focus on in a survival knife and it has certainly been one of the most discussed subjects when it comes to survival blades. While there are a variety of different types of steel out there, my top choices are either stainless-steel, carbon steel or combination of sorts.
  3. Thick Blade and/or Heat Treatment – Lets admit it, survival blades typically aren’t made to slice tomatoes for your following house party, these knives are expected to hack, cut, skin as well as save your life! We need a blade that will certainly not fail you when failure implies death. This is why we search for at least a 1/8 blade density combined with a trusted supplier that will certainly provide the knife a proper heat treatment for optimal toughness.Please keep in mind that I did not factor price into my review. While there are certainly high-priced knives that could be better, I wasn’t interested in overpaying for a survival knife. I’m sure you could come up with endless high priced models to debate my reviews and you might be right, but that’s irrelevant to this review.

The Top 5 Survival Knives on the market in no particular order

1. Gerber Strongarm:
The Gerber StrongArm was made and designed in the USA as a rugged, “tough as hell” fixed blade to be used in a variety of real-world scenarios.  Gerber certainly designed this knife with durability in mind.  Has an overall length of 9.3/4 GERBER STRONG ARMinches, weighs 7.2 ounces, and has a 420HC steel blade.  The blade is coated in ceramic to protect it from wear and tear without affecting its performance. When purchasing the StrongArm you have four options to choose from.  Your choices are fine edge, partially serrated edge, black or brown.
The Gerber StrongArm  is suitable for just about any condition whether you decide to use it with gloves or not.  You can work confidently and not worry about the blade shifting on you or it slipping no matter the conditions.
One feature that is very impressive is the revolutionary modular sheath it comes with.  Its multi-mounted, snaps-together and can be easily used.  You can mount it vertically on MOLLE, in traditional drop-leg fashion, or horizontally on a belt.  Not only is the sheeth versatile and smooth but it provides for a very quick draw.  My expectations are for this knife to last long time due to its durability.

2. KA-BAR Becker BK2:
Is a practical everyday survival knife that is versatile and can be used for many outdoor tasks like batoning, slicing, chiselling, whittling, and many more.  The BK-2 has an overall length of 10-5/8″ inches, weighs 16 ounces, and has a 1095 HC steel blade.  This BK2 comes with a classic drop point shape with a high flat grind and a sturdy tip.  The blade is powdercoated and heavily textured to provide rolling resistance when trying to KaBar Becker BK2 Knifedeeply cut into things.  Don’te let this knife fool you.  I consider the BK2 my jack of all trades knife.  While it won’t be great for any one particular job, it has great versatility and will get you through almost any task.
The blade includes a Kydex sheath which, you must confess, looks pretty remarkable. As well as a number of holes along the sheath to provide you a great deal of personalization choices and locations to put rope, paracord, molle bands, and so on. In general, the sheath is great in terms of appearance and performance.  Overall the BK2 has a simplistic feel and look to it but is made with high quality materials.

3. OKC Black Bird SK5:
The OKC Black Bird SK5 was designed for survivalist in mind.  It has an overall length of 10” inches, weighs 8.2 ounces, and has a 60 HRC steel blade.  While the company nameOKC Black Bird SK5 may confuse you, it is actually a US made knife based in New York.  The blade’s spear point design and full taper grind point makes the knife sharper and ideal for thrusting or drilling.  This kind of design can also be very handy if you plan on carving something.
While I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the nylon sheath, I does get the job done.  You could always opt to purchase a more expensive sheath like the hedgehog leatherworks.  Overall the OKC Black Bird SK5 is hands down the ideal survival knife.

The Cold Steel SRK is a well designed and strong outdoor survival knife. It’s overall length is 10 3/4″inches with a Clip Point blade measuring 6″ inches in length andCold Steel SRK weighing 8.2 ounces.  It is made from 3/16″ AUS-8A stainless steel with an extremely high, flat ground, bevel and a deeply checkered Kray-Ex grip with a single quillion. In addition, the blade is coated with a black, Tuff-Ex, finish to help protect the AUS-8A stainless steel from the elements.  This well constructed knife is excellent for any outdoor task and would make a great all-around tool for camping, hunting, backpacking, military and tactical professionals, extreme adventures, bug out bags, emergency preparedness kits, or for those who want a nearly indestructible knife around the house or shop that can survive just about anything you can throw at it.

The Geber LMF II has 3 different models…. The LMF II Infantry, the LMF II Survival, andGerber LMF II Survival the LMF II ASEK. But all versions of the knife are identical and the only difference in the models are the handles and the sheath colors.  The length is 10.59 inches, weights 11.67 ounces, and is made of 420HC stainless stell.  It has a drop-point blade which tends to be very strong across the entire length of the knife, including the point.  The rubberized handle makes it very easy to grip as opposed to other harder handles and makes it easy to use.  The LMF II sheath has a low profile handle which is held tight against the sheath with two straps that secure the snaps.  Overall the LMF II is very versatile and is made with the best quality materials available.  It is no wonder knife enthusiasts rave about it and brag about it being the best knife they’ve ever owned.

Survival knives are crucial in a survival situation, that if you could only bring one tool with you, you would certainly be a fool if you did not choose a high quality survival knife. While survival knives can be purchased in many different sizes and shapes, this top 5 survival knife list will certainly narrow down your options significantly. Every knife reviewed could be dependable enough to trust your life with and you can rest assured that many have.

What are your thoughts about the 5 best survival knives available?  If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below.


    • Hi Randy, The main picture does not…Good observation. It is a general picture, but the images in the article do represent the individual knives.

  1. I would add to your list the Becker Ka-Bar BK9. I would go to war with this blade!

    Sgt. (Ret.) Jim Gaertner
    U.S. Army, Infantry
    Vietnam-Cambodia, 69-72

    • I performed this test with 10 knives but those two brands were not included…Which brand/knives should I consider for my next test?

      These were some of the brands included in test.
      – GERBER
      – OKC
      – GERBER
      – MORA
      – ESEE
      – TOPS
      – KA-BAR

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