The Best Emergency Survival Food

The Best Emergency Survival Food

Being a prepper, as it’s referred to is becoming a lot more and more important. With turmoil around the world, climate change, and natural and catastrophic disasters, having an emergency kit prepared with survival and emergency food is vital.

Disasters can take place in many forms: tornadoes, mudslides, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and blizzards. Just about any of these may leave you without availability to a food source, often times for a considerable amount of time.

A sought-after way of safeguarding against these kinds of catastrophe’s is stockpiling food at home. This is called Long Term Food Storage. There are more than a number of emergency survival food companies and many of them have a plethora of variations. They all particularly cater to “preppers” or “survivalists”. In this post we’ll take a peek at the very best emergency survival food and prepared meals to see you and your family through any emergency situation, wherever you are and whatever the budget.

Choosing The Best Emergency Survival Food

The best emergency survival foods are lightweight, easily bundled or stored (in a bag, on a shelf, or in the pantry), nutritionally well-rounded and generally have excellent shelf lives.

Some of the very best survival foods being sold can also be eaten either cold or hot, direct from the pouch, removing the need for heat in the form of a fixed or portable stove, making them an excellent solution for long-term power outages in the home as well as when out on the road or in the field.

It’s these attributes which make emergency survival foods the ideal solution for preppers and anyone who wants to be ready for a catastrophic event or to just have easy to eat foods at their disposal for their outdoor activities.


Wise Food Storage

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Wise Company is one of the top-rated prepared emergency survival food companies and one of the very first to store their meals in mylar pouches. Wise manufactures their own products here in the United States. They sell a wide array of long-term food kits as well as short-term emergency kits.

Customer reviews on taste are mixed for Wise’s emergency survival food but they are typically less expensive than other companies. You’ll also want to check this company out for smaller cases of camping food. They supply the basics like noodles with beef, chili mac, and strawberry granola crunch that are easy to pack and should keep you going on your next journey.

Mountain Man

Mountain Man Long Term Storage Food

The best overall emergency survival food is the Mountain House 14-Day Just-in-Case Emergency Food Supply Combo if you ignore the price. $280 covers one person for two weeks, or $480 for two people, at around 2,100 calories per day– although Mountain House could do a much better job clearly describing the calories per day in their survival bundles.

Mountain House has had the best tasting emergency survival food, people even going as far as to buy some to use in day-to-day life. Nutritional experts we communicated with thought Mountain House’ emergency survival food had the best overall nutritional benefit, too, with tons of meat-based proteins and fiber. It’s also the most practical to cook. No external plates needed, just pour some (preferably boiling) water into the bag, let it cook, eat, then trash.


Augason Food Storage

Augason Farms focuses highly on taste and supplying every ingredient you need to make your emergency survival food with the greatest possible quality. This company also offers an impressive selection for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters, and it maintains its prices low for a la carte ingredients, so you have a chance to see if buying certain emergency survival foods is a good investment for your long-term food storage.

Augason Farms emphasizes vegetarian substitutes as much as real meat when it comes to meat storage. The company’s vegetarian options include bacon-flavored bits, and beef and chicken substitutes. The a la carte real meat cans come with beef and chicken chunks. Its ready-made meals include freeze-dried beef with chili macaroni. In case someone in your family has celiac disease, Augason has a huge selection of gluten-free products.

If you’re going camping or need this emergency survival food for the short term, it’s best to choose this store’s prepackaged meals– unless you think you’ll get through a 52-ounce can of cheese-blend powder in a short time. You can buy larger bulk food storage containers with enough meals to last up to a few years, but there are options for short-term circumstances.


Numanna Long Term Food Storage

Enjoy these healthy meals tonight or in 30 years with Numanna which has many unique dietary restriction options like organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and more. Their best seller, the family mega pack will give you 840 servings of wholesome emergency survival food and includes great tasting recipes to make meals such as habanero chili, cheddar broccoli soup, pancakes and much, much more. This food can be used alone or along with other foods.

It is definitely worth it if you have the money to invest in emergency survival food from Numanna. They are a smaller company that is working hard to provide top-quality products for emergency food storage to their customers. These are choices palatable and so healthful that people would literally want to eat every day.

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials Long Term Food Storage

As one of the most recognized companies you’ll find among the very best emergency survival food storage services, Emergency Essentials lives up to its good name. The company includes an immense variety of essential food and nutrition options. It has the survival foods you’ll need for virtually every situation, whether a big crisis or a backpacking trip in the mountains. Not only does the company have a great selection of necessary emergency survival food, but it also stocks water-preparation tools and other emergency equipment, and its website gives you tips on how to keep matters under control if mishap strikes.

Emergency Essentials has a selection of foods and food preservation tools that can serve all but those with special dietary needs.

You can learn a lot from these kinds of reviews but you will only know what emergency survival food is right for your circumstance with expertise. I hope this review will make it easier for you to decide what emergency survival food you will stock up on. I encourage you to reach out to these companies to see if there are samples they are willing to send you before you make an investment.

Which among the emergency survival food companies listed have you tried so far? Please share your experience in the comments section below.