The Best Portable Solar Panels For Camping

portable solar panels

If you are planning the purchase of portable solar panels for your survival supplies or for your next outdoor adventure, we have the answer for you here with the best portable solar panels and chargers. Its very important you buy the best portable solar panels for your individual purpose. While these are the top 5 we recommend, its important you know how you will be utilizing these if SHTF! While doing our research we focused on 3 specific data points to make our decision: price, weight, and durability.

#1 Anker PowerPort 21W

Anker 21W portable solar Panel

Price: $65.99
Weight: 15.7 oz
Panel Size (Watts): 21w
Durability: Very Durable

The Anker 21W was the leading overall performer based on this list. This 21W has proven to be a much more consistent, reliable, and as equally light-weight compared to its peers. This panel has a fast charging rate: 3 hrs and 40 mins to charge a 6,000 mAh battery pack in full sunlight. In our side-by-side testing, this version proved to be among the fastest models. It additionally has 2 USB ports and does a pretty good job at charging multiple devices at the same time.
This portable solar panel was not the lightest during our evaluation, however the trifold style makes it very simple to store, fitting into your bug out bag, as part of your survival supplies, or in a small area in your car. This solar panel was hard to beat due to its capabilities, value, and transportability.

#2 Instapark Mercury 10

Instapark 10 Portable Solar Panel

Price: $37.95
Weight: 18oz
Panel Size (Watts): 10W
Durability: Very Durable

When folded for stowing, the Mercury 10 is almost the size of a tablet computer with all the cords stored, making it compact however not small or underpowered. As the name suggests, it provides 10 Watts worth of energy through the dual USB ports which work for the majority of modern-day electronic devices. The lightweight feeling comes at the cost of a rechargeable battery, however obtain an exterior one as well and you’ll be ready to go. These panels capture a lot of light for fast power output.

#3 Voltaic AMP

Voltaic Amp Portable Solar Panel
Price: $99
Weight: 15.2oz
Panel Size (Watts): 4000 mAh
Durability: Durable

The Voltaic Amp Portable Solar Charger stands out for its trendy factors. First off, it is a compact solar battery charger with a power bank from Voltaic Systems, a leading pioneer of solar devices. Secondly, it is surprisingly easy to handle the Voltaic Amp Portable Solar Battery Charger. Carrying it in your bug out bag is relatively a quick and simple thing to do. All you need to do is unzip it and unfold it to get a good amount of power in no time.
Without a doubt its design is really small and efficient. Sized at 5.51 X 1.5 X 6.5 in, it resembles a tiny bag with zipper. Inside the bag, there is more than enough space for the packed 4000mAh power bank as well as the cords. After unfolding, position the dual solar panel face of the charger to the sunlight to make solar energy for your devices anywhere. With the voltaic AMP you will certainly obtain two durable tough solar panels, a power bank, and also an efficient and quick solar battery charger.

#4 Voltaic Arc 20

Voltaic Arc 20W Portable Solar Panel
Price: $278
Weight: 42oz
Panel Size (Watts): 20W
Durability: Very Durable

Backed up by a monstrous 19,800 mAh battery, the Voltaic system’s 20W solar charger packs a punch when it comes to charging devices. This water resistant and also scratch-resistant solar charger uses sufficient juice to completely charge a laptop in around 6.5 hours (smart devices could see a full charge in 60 minutes). Weighing 3.25 pounds, the Electric system isn’t as light-weight as the competition, but it’s still very portable.
Measuring 7.5 x 10 x. 8 inches, it remains small enough to tuck away right into a bug out bag. The total battery life can manage one full laptop computer charge, seven smartphone charges, 3.5 charges to DSLR batteries and almost two full charges for a full-sized iPad. The 73-watt solar cells could re-charge fully in around 6.5 hrs.

#5 Nekteck 21W

Nekteck 21 W Portable Solar Panel
Price: $50
Weight: 18oz
Panel Size (Watts): 21W
Durability: Durable

The mobile and portable style of the Nekteck 21W solar charger is an amazing and highly effective option for campers or hikers that intend to stay charged while spending time outdoors. With dual USB ports, the Nektech maintains your iphone, Android and also tablets charged whether you are on an expedition or just lounging around the house. The built in smart IC chip assists in recognizing each device connected and aids to establish suitable charging speed (either 3A or 2A), which takes full advantage of fulll battery life. The build quality matches its use-case with a tough canvas developed specifically for outdoor use. Come rain or shine, the Nekteck will be ready to go. It weighs just 18 ounces and measures 6.3 x 11.1 x 1.96 inches folded or 26.3 x 11.1 inches when open.

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Now that you understand the benefits of a portable solar panel as well as have a list of our top picks, it’s time to select the one that’s right for you. Chances are high that one of these will fit your prepping or outdoor needs.

Love one of these portable solar panels on the list or do you have a recommendation for the best portable solar charger that we didn’t include? Comment below and share your thoughts!